Wedding FAQ

- What are your prices ?

It is difficult to describe here all our wedding packages and products. We will give you a brief overview of what we can offer. The best way to talk about it is to fix appointment at our studio in Bouc-Bel-Air.

Our wedding packages are ranged from 400€ to 5,000€ depending whether you choose a few hours-shooting or a full-day coverage with a several extras, an album or not, 1 photographer or 2, if you get married in summer or winter, etc. With this wide range of choices, you will be able to find a package that fit well your your budget.
The shooting can start from the dressing or makeup of the bride to the end of the cocktail or the dessert.

Our packages have been designed very simply. They all include the shooting (until the cocktail or the dessert) and with the :
- Package ‘CD’ : a CD containing all the High Definition pictures in color, B&W and vintage.
- Package ‘Album’ : a high-end 80 pages-album with about 350 pictures
- Package ‘CD+Album’ : a CD containing all the High Definition pictures, a high-end 80 pages-album and Thank You cards at special rates.
- Package ‘CD+Book’ : a CD containing all the High Definition pictures, and a prestigious book (30x30 cm) with 120 pictures.

Each formula includes one additional extra to be chosen between an ‘After Wedding’ shooting, the Photobooth rental, an album for the parents, the ‘Thank You’ cards, the civil ceremony another day, the second photographer, etc.

To discuss about the best suited package and answer all your questions, we can fix an appointment at our studio in Bouc-Bel-Air near Aix-en-Provence, on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 9 am to 9 pm. Call us : +33 622 422 111 (for Sylvain) or +33 611 776 335 (for Frédéric).

- What is your working method ?

We do photojournalism. This means that the day of your wedding instead of taking posed pictures, we will take spontaneous, stolen and "paparazzi" pictures. We will also pictured details as hats, dresses, table decorations, etc. Our approach is to picture people that are the most spontaneous and natural. This is why we use intensively the natural light and minimize the use of flashlight.

- Do you take traditional pictures of the family and friends ?
We do all the group pictures that you want, even if our advice is to limit their number to avoid to loose precious time with your guests.

- We are not photogenic! How do we do ?
Being photogenic is just being relaxed!!!! That is why we attach a lot of importance to your well-being. A good relationship with the photographer is the key of the shooting success. We are here to make beautiful pictures, but do not forget to have fun!!!

- Our civil celebration is during the week, can you still do it?
If we are available, we will make sure to attend the civil celebration to picture it. It is either included in the package or available as an extra.

- Do you do shootings before the wedding as other photographers?
Yes of course, this extra can be chosen.

- Do you do after weeding shooting ?
Yes of course, and we recommend to do it! We can go to a nice place in the late afternoon when the sunlight is the best, and take 1 or 2 hours for a shooting. You will be more relaxed than the day of your wedding and you will appreciate even more this shooting. This is an extra that you can select.

- How many times must we see you before the wedding ?
It is not necessary to see us before the wedding, a simple phone call ten days before the wedding to discuss about the last details is enough. However, if it is less stressful to discuss with us directly, we will fix a meeting.

- You are two photographers, which one took the pictures that are on your website ? Is there any difference between Sylvain and Frederic?
The pictures on our website were made by both Sylvain and Frederic. There is no difference between us except our ages and hairs ! More seriously, we work together since several years because we have the same philosophy, the same methodology, and the same photojournalistic approach.

- Who will be my photographer on the day of my wedding ?
The photographer present the day of your wedding is usually the one you will be in contact from the beginning.

- What do you do if you are sick on the day of our wedding ?
What about you ? What do you do if you are sick the day of your wedding ? do you cancel the day before ? Certainly not. Same thing for us. Both of us are responsible for our own business and even sick, we will attend your wedding and we will do our best as usual.

- How many pictures do you take on the wedding day ?
We take a lot of pictures on the wedding day. These pictures are our draft. After light treatment and sorting, an average of 800 pictures will be provided if we stop at the cocktail or 1000 pictures if we stop at the dessert.

- When will we have our pictures ?
We will give you the pictures on CD or USB key the week after the wedding.

- How long after my wedding will I get my book ?
Your book will be available approximately two months after your picture selection. Such a book is very artistic and complicated to make. It takes about 40 hours so if you want it for Christmas order it before early October.

- How do we choose our pictures for our album ?
You will select your pictures in the CD or USB key that you will receive the week after your wedding.

- Once we have the CD, can do we what we want with the pictures ? Are we the owners of the images ?
You can print all the pictures you want from this CD. But we still have the copyright. So you are allowed to use privately these images but you can not use them for commercial purposes without our consent. You can not make transformations that would alter significantly the original spirit of our work.

- How can our guests see the pictures ?

We put the pictures on the Artais website with a login and password so that only your guests can see them. They can order pictures or albums online by check or credit card. All the products they can purchase are on www.commande.artais.com

- Why do I not have RAW files on my CD ?
RAW files are files that require interpretation. To guarantee the best results, only the author of the images is able to process them according to his sensitivity and to the shooting conditions.

- Why are your reprints more expensive than the ones I do with my own camera ?
Reprint costs for a wedding include the reproduction rights. They represent the added value by the professional photographer, know-how, years of experience, energy and spirit he put into his work, but also the remuneration of the duplication of his pictures. To make a comparison, a music CD of a singer is more than just the value of the support CD itself.

- Why are the trials barred in package without CD ?
The trials are barred to avoid the inappropriate use of the pictures. As long as we have not done an assignment of rights (i.e. as long as you do not have the CD with all the high-resolution files), we are responsible for the misuse that may be made of your images.

- What are your studio opening hours ?
Our studio is not a store so we do not have opening hours. We receive only by appointment.

- What equipment do you use ?
We work with the best Canon (5D Mark III and Mark IV) and best focal lengths, those that open in constant 2.8 (fish 15mm, 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, 24-70mm, 24-105mm and 70-200mm). We always have two cameras with us to react quickly in any situations.

- Do you have spare equipment in case of failure?
Always. This is essential. We also work with 2 memory cards in each camera to instantaneously and automatically save the pictures. This avoids to loss pictures the day of reporting. At the office, everything is stored on at least two hard drives.

- Do our parents have the opportunity to order their own album?
Your parents and other people in your family have the opportunity, in the packages with the album, to order their own album with a special discount.

- Do you do ‘Thank You’ cards?
Yes, we sell Thanks You cards, you will find examples here: www.cr.artais.com.

- Do you also do video?
We do not do video because it's a full-time job. We work with very good filmmakers that you can find in artais/partners

- How long after the first rendez-vous should we give you our answer?
After we meet, we give you 15 days to decide and to give us our answer. Once you agree to work with us we will send you two copies of the contract to fill and sign. You will send it back to us with a deposit check of 30% of the total price. The rest will be paid the day of the wedding.

- Can I change the package at any time ?
Yes, you can. But keep in mind that you have to book the PhotoBooth early.

- What about your travel expenses ?
We offer the first 200 km (performed the wedding day), and we charge all the extra km : 0.50€/km.

- And after our wedding what do we do ?
Show your pictures and album to everyone, enjoy it, and talk about Artaïs Studio to everyone !!!